Dental Fillings in Bismarck, ND

With cavities and tooth decay being among the world’s most common health problem, it’s essential to practice proper oral hygiene and at home care for your best protection.

Even with good oral hygiene habits, tooth decay can affect anyone. There are certain factors that can contribute to the formation of cavities including:

  • Choosing food and drink choices high in sugar
  •  Frequently snacking or sipping on sugary drinks
  •  Taking certain medications
  • Crowded teeth that are difficult to clean between
  • Genetics


If diagnosed with a cavity and a dental filling is recommended, it is important to follow up with treatment sooner rather than later. When left untreated, cavities will only get larger and can lead to more extensive treatment. They can also go into deeper layers of the tooth which could lead to severe pain, infection or tooth loss.

Cavity Treatment (Tooth Fillings)


As a restorative dental service, fillings help to restore normal function and shape to a tooth that has been damaged by decay or is broken.

Getting a cavity filling is a quick, pain-free process. Dr. Crystal will ensure that the area to be treated is numb and that you are comfortable before starting any treatment. She will clean out the area of decay on the tooth, along with any old, existing restorations. From there, she will fill in the space with filling material.

The majority of fillings used in our office are “tooth colored” composite dental fillings. This material bonds to the tooth directly, creating a strong, durable, esthetic restoration.

How Long Does Getting a Filling Take?


The length of your dental filling appointment will depend on how many cavities you need to have filled, the location in your mouth, as well as how many surfaces of the tooth need to be filled.

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Is a Cavity Painful?

Cavities can affect individuals differently, depending on their size and location. While one person may notice discomfort around a decayed tooth, another person may not know that they have a cavity until the dentist informs them during their exam. Common symptoms of tooth decay include sensitivity with pressure or temperature, as well as sensitivity with sweet foods. Even if you don’t feel symptoms of decay, it’s very important to restore the tooth. If left untreated, more serious complications will arise.

Cavity Treatment in Bismarck, ND

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